Behind the scenes! Agora

We sat down with Caique Tizzi, one of the founding members of Agora Collective, to learn about their working methods for the Node TV series ‘Species of Spaces’.

Agora is a dynamic site that functions not only as an exhibition space, but also a restaurant, co-working space, residency and place for events.

Check out our great  film crew, Tuleka Prah and Signe Tveskov in action on site and watch the full video below!

ShootingAgora1 Shootingagora2


Behind the scenes, insitu!

Here some behind the scenes shooting Node TV’s video series Species of Spaces. This time we were shooting at the project space insitu. Thanks Marie, Lauren, Nora and Gilles for the nice conversation!


Camera team: Tuleka Prah and Signe Tveskov



Behind the scenes! Kleine Humboldt Galerie

We recently visited some of the team at Kleine Humboldt Galerie to find out what makes them tick for our new video series ‘Species of Spaces’ on Node TV.  Here we are exploring some of the most exciting terrain of the Berlin art scene: its project spaces!  In this video series, we examine how project spaces adapt to their surroundings, work within limitations and challenge standards to create new, often surprising outcomes.

The Kleine Humboldt Galerie is one of the longest running spaces in Berlin, established in 1978. Today, an ever-evolving team of students at the Humboldt University develop exhibitions there, crossing fields and working not only within the gallery itself but at times in and with the historical architecture of the university.

ShootingKHG ShootingKHG2

At Node Center we are very interested on finding new methodologies for research and creating knowledge. Recently we started a collaboration with Tacit Dimension, an organisation led by Viktor Bedö that explores Game Design for urban planning.

Last week we joined Tacit Dimension in Aalborg, Demark; to give a workshop  on Game Design as a tool for Artistic Research at Aalborg University. Lots of work, biking, prototyping, talking, playing, biking again, testing, working at the cemetery… here some pics of the workshop!


gamedesign5 gamedesign4 gamedesign3 gamedesign2


Node workshop in México!

We just came back from our trip to Ciudad Juárez (México), the most amazing border town in the world.  We were invited by the University of Ciudad Juárez UACJ, to give a workshop on Curatorial Strategies for the local context. 

During 4 days of hard work and thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants, Toper Web was born: a platform that will put together art practitioners of the city.  Toperweb organises monthly meetings called ‘Topertulias‘, that take as model the Tupperware party format in which a host (in this case an art producer) invites friends to their space to share their current projects while guests brings a tupperware container with food to share.

We were surprised on how much was achieved in so short time, participants worked as hard and effectively as possible. Besides that, we always had time to enjoy the city with the company of our beloved juarenses.


Crossing the border!


Everybody concentrated working… go team! 

First sketches for Toperweb

Toper what? Toperweb got online by the end of the workshop!

We received this goodbye present so that we have a place to come back in Juárez

Lovely goodbye party at Bar Eugenios



As Everything Moves

As Everything Moves, Meinblau, 5 – 7 December 2013

Artists: Andrea Canepa, Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Jacob Kirkegaard, Maria Lucrezia Schiavarelli, Sam Smith

All photos © Laura Gianetti for Node Center for Curatorial Studies Berlin, 2013



Andrea Canepa (detail)


Andrea Canepa (detail)


Maria Lucrezia Schiavarelli (detail)


Saskia Noor Van Imhoff (install view)

Saskia Noor Van Imhoff (detail)



Installing ‘As Everything Moves’

Preparing for the final exhibition by the Autumn 2013 Node team: ‘As Everything Moves’, at Meinblau.

IMG_2397 IMG_2410 IMG_2424 IMG_2439 IMG_2421


Getting ready to rumble!

Just a few days left for the final exhibition of Node Residents Autumn 2013! The team is working hard and Node has became a nice mess with wood, paint and tools here and there. While the design and construction teams work on the exhibition design, the press team is sending emails at light speed. We are looking forward to exhibition day!

IMG_2297 IMG_2293 IMG_2151 IMG_2150 IMG_2143

On friday Viktor Bedö, John Holten and Insitu visited Node to present and talk about their work and current projects. We all had a nice and cozy brunch together and was introduced to interesting people and projects.

Viktor Bedö

Viktor Bedö



John Holten

John Holten





Studio Visits: Künstlerhaus Bethanien

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Node residents spent two days visiting the fantastic Künstlerhaus Bethanien artists of the International Studio Programme.

They have the openings on Thursday 10 October by:
Carsten Fock
Emmanuel Madan
Jumana Manna
Panayiotis Michael
Kevin Schmidt


with Hyun Na

with Hyun Na

Hyun Na's books

Hyun Na’s books

with Hyun Na

with Hyun Na

The well in Hyun Na's studio (to be installed outside)

The well in Hyun Na’s studio (to be installed outside)

Refelctive fabric swatches and dynamite with Alona Rodeh

Refelctive fabric swatches and dynamite with Alona Rodeh

Alona Rodeh 'Neither Day Nor Night' (install view) 2013 Wood, Formica, Reflective Fabric, Lights, Sound Dimensions Variable
, 5 min looped

Alona Rodeh
‘Neither Day Nor Night’ (install view) 2013
Wood, Formica, Reflective Fabric, Lights, Sound
Dimensions Variable
, 5 min looped. Video documentation here

with Sam Smith

with Sam Smith

Sam Smith 'Bounding Box' (detail) 2013 Cement, plaster, brass, glass 25 x 25 x 103cm

Sam Smith
‘Bounding Box’ (detail) 2013
Cement, plaster, brass, glass
25 x 25 x 103cm